Bacon in All Things

I love bacon. And so do my kids. They want everything with bacon. If I am making eggs they are asking if they are having it with bacon. Pancakes, waffles, etc. are we having bacon too? I am not sure if they inherently inherited this love of bacon from my younger sister who basically has bacon with everything!

IMG_3309In fact every time I see something with bacon I think of my sister and how much she loves it. I have noticed entire menus centered around bacon and would take pictures and send it to my sister, never really thinking much of it myself. I thought some of these combinations may be odd, but having never tried them I didn’t discount that it had possibilities.

A couple of weeks ago as I was listening to the radio in the car, I heard the morning show crew on KISS FM talking about things with bacon and how the one DJ put bacon on absolutely everything, including her brussel sprouts! I am not a fan of brussel sprouts, but I was intrigued when she mentioned bacon with her macaroni and cheese. Hmmm, I thought, that might actually be good.

Then later that week, while at Beerfest, I noticed that one of the food items being offered was macaroni and cheese with bacon. I was tempted to try some…

Instead I decided to come home and make my own macaroni and cheese with bacon, that way I could make a dairy free version and enjoy it much more (cause honestly once you go dairy free when you have even a trace of it it’s just not worth the symptoms afterwards and just feeling gross). So we finished up at Beerfest, no rush of course :), and then came home for dinner.

IMG_5261I made my mac and cheese like I usually do, using the Daiya cheddar cheese, almond milk and Earth Balance. I maybe added a little extra cheese and I felt this dish would be much better being a little cheesier. Then I cooked up the bacon, I usually use Mitchell’s, which is a brand that does not add sugar to their bacon when curing it. Most brands do unfortunately, but there are a few you can find, like Mitchell’s that do not have the added sugar. My mouth was watering as I was preparing everything, so excited to try this out.

Once everything was ready I crumbled up the bacon, served my mac and cheese and put the bacon on top. Then scooped up some and tasted it. Omg! was it ever good. The flavours worked so well together, the salty bacon giving it just the right taste sensation in my mouth. It was really hard not to overindulge on this dish.

The next week I made it for the kids, who of course gobbled it up! Now I understand how people can combine anything with bacon. There is just something about it that creates a flavour that your tastebuds will enjoy and be asking for more! I love too that I was able to make this in a way that meets my dietary choices of no dairy and no sugar, and still appreciate the combination.

Now I don’t know if I am going to be putting bacon with brussel sprouts anytime soon, maybe it will improve the taste? But I am definitely going to be more open about trying bacon with more things!

Do you have any dishes that you love adding bacon?


Homemade Macaroni and Cheese Dairy Free…What?

Macaroni & Cheese is definitely a kid favorite. One that many of us remember having as a ‘treat’ growing up. We would get so excited when Mom announced that she was making mac & cheese for lunch! I would gobble it down asking for another serving, sometimes overindulging myself as it was sooo good. Yes we were having the Kraft Dinner in a box, full of processed goodies with likely no nutrition at all. But we loved it!

When I became a Mom and was more conscious of what we were eating I began to make my own macaroni and cheese from scratch. It is pretty easy to do. Just cook the macaroni and then add milk, cheese and butter to make the sauce. But then we went to dairy free. Hmmm…I know you are probably sitting there scratching your head wondering, how the heck can you have macaroni and cheese without any dairy. “Impossible!” you say, but I tell you it is not.

Chloe loves mac & cheese!

When we decided to move to a dairy and sugar free household, due to alleriges and personal choice, one of the things that I wanted to ensure was that I could still provide all the things that we liked to eat without having to feel like we were giving things up or the kids feeling like they couldn’t have what all the other kids were having.

I found that with so many good dairy alternatives on the market now that making macaroni & cheese without dairy was actually very easy. I simply substitute Earth Balance, a vegan buttery spread for the butter, use Ryza rice milk for the milk and Vegan Rice Cheddar made by Galaxy Nutritional Foods, for the cheese. Now I have to admit that the vegan rice cheddar is not the same as regular cheese and though it works well in cooking it is not something that I would cut a slice of and put on a cracker.

Matthew enjoying his mac & cheese

Regardless, the dairy free version is a hit at our house, Matthew loves it and eats it up usually a bowl or 2 and the babies have at least 2-3 helpings themselves. When making it for the kids I usually put in 3 cups of macaroni keeping everything else the same. The recipe says it serves 6 but with my kids it is ‘serves 3’.

Matthew is the only one who would know the difference between the dairy and non-dairy version and if you were to ask him now he likely wouldn’t remember. He would just say that what we make is good. He likes to add a little bit of salt and pepper, as well as ketchup (we have a brand of ketchup that is sweetened with honey called Bodacious Ketchup) on his macaroni. I was never a fan of ketchup on macaroni, or eggs for that matter. I always looked at other kids weird when I was at their house and they added ketchup. I thought it was gross, but to each his own.

Whatever condiments you may like to add to your mac & cheese you’ll find this recipe to be a great hit at your house. The original recipe comes from Company’s Coming Pasta, but I have posted the dairy free version we make at home here. One other adjustment that I have made is I use brown rice pasta now too. This makes it a nice gluten free option as well. So make, eat, enjoy! It is super healthy for you. And really with mac & cheese how can you go wrong?

Dairy Free Macaroni and Cheese

2 c. elbow macaroni

1/2 c. rice milk

1/4 c. Earth Balance

1 tsp. onion salt

1/8 tsp. pepper (white is best)

2 c. grated Rice Vegan Cheddar

Cook macaroni in a large pot of boiling water until tender but firm, about 5 to 7 minutes. Drain macaroni, rinse in hot water and return to pot. Add remaining ingredients. Heat slowly, stirring to melt cheese.

Serves 6

Luke gobbling it up!

Welcome to Momma on the Move!

Welcome to Momma on the Move, a parenting blog written about the joys and challenges of parenting 3 young children in a world full of adventure and change.

This light hearted, witty, yet informative blog on the joys and adventures of parenting twin babies and an older child is full of tips and tricks that will help you to appreciate and manage the challenges of being a parent. My hope is that this will help you find the light heartedness in each situation and challenge, which will aid you in managing every day with ease and a smile. As well as to appreciate the positives of parenting and see the joy and the gift in each situation.

I am a mother of 3 children, Matthew, 9 and Luke and Chloe my 2 year old twins. Adjusting from one child to 3, was not hard but I discovered it has made things very busy! Through trial and error I’ve discovered tricks and tips in parenting twins, equipment must haves and survival tactics for managing a busy household. I love to write and in addition to my blog, freelance and have published in Today’s Parent, Angels on Earth and I am also a regular contributor to Calgary’s Child of Calgary, Alberta where I live with my family.

I love the outdoors, camping, travel, reading and adventure and greatly enjoy spending time and sharing these passions with my children.

Over the past year we have made a number of dietary changes in our family due to allergies, intolerances and some personal choice. I have become well versed in being able to eat dairy and sugar free (and what the workable alternatives are), while still being able to enjoy the foods that we love, like cookies, pancakes and macaroni and cheese! I have been dabbling in some gluten free choices as well but this is still fairly new to us.

In this blog I will cover a variety of topics including

“Mommy Time”- taking time for yourself, how to fit it in and some of the unique “Mommy Time” experiences I have

Healthy Kids/ Family Nutrition -tips on eating well, exercise and play, ways to get the kids to eat those vegetables, tips and substitutes for sugar free and dairy free eating

Activities and Games for kids -inside and outside, in the car and on the way to the park

Sugar free/ dairy free recipes- ones that are tried, tested and true! That I have personally made, recommend and are favorites in our house

Events/ Special Occasions/ Milestones

Guest Bloggers – other bloggers/ experts in the above topics

As well as lighthearted stories to help us all relate to being parents; the trials and challenges, the joys and successes and the steps we take to get there; not only to laugh at our experiences and find the gifts in them but to create a sense of community where we don’t feel so alone. Where you hear yourself saying, “Oh her son does that too! Good I am not crazy!”

So welcome, read and enjoy, comment, ask questions. I am here to share with you what I have learned and experienced and hope that you find it helpful in some way, if only to make you smile.