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instagram for success

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Some of you may have heard me raving about Instagram lately and how important it is to use as one of your social media platforms. Instagram is the social media platform with the most dedicated engagement so it makes sense to use it as a part of your business, blog or even personally. Plus it’s pretty, lol. I love all the gorgeous pictures that get posted there and often scroll through just to enjoy the beauty.

But until recently, I had heard of Instagram but really knew nothing about it. It wasn’t a social media platform I used. I didn’t understand hashtags, I got frustrated with finding and keeping followers and I didn’t think that I could in any way shape or form come up with the gorgeous photos that I was seeing posted by other people. Plus it felt like work to add one more thing to my social media plan and because I didn’t understand it – so I needed someone to convince me that it really was worth my time and effort.

In comes Helene Sula of Helene in Between. I had connected with her in one of my Facebook groups (as I am an avid worker of FB) and she was talking more and more about her program Instagram for Success and how you could use it to drive traffic to your blog and even make money! She referred to the fact that Instagram was the most used social media platform, that there was a huge reach and tons of potential. She also talked about her personal success with Instagram and how her success on this platform allowed her to move to Germany and live her dream of travelling while still generating an income. This intrigued me.

Her online course Instagram for Success, is being relaunched this week and you can join the course now for the next 24 hours, when the doors close. This online course is a go at your own pace with lifetime access. It includes 33 videos and 16 worksheets and downloads, not including the bonuses. Plus you receive the updates as they come out, straight to your inbox! And as a course participant with lifetime access you automatically receive any updates to the course and new content or changes. There’s also a 30 day money back guarantee, so if your not happy with the course she guarantees your money back.

I don’t know about you but I like the words online, own pace and lifetime access. This totally takes the pressure off to get it done – and then I find it fun and move through the course because I want to, I like it and I’m excited about it.

What is Instagram for Success exactly?

Instagram for Success will help you grow your followers, engagement, make money, learn how to edit like a pro, and so much more. It is a very comprehensive course where you’ll learn everything from how to set up your account and create an engaging bio, to finding your own voice and style, how to gain followers, decipher the Instagram algorithms, finding your ideal followers, mistakes to avoid, how to make the best use of hashtags (how to find the ones that fit for you) and how to take and edit great photos (this was the best piece for me!)

This course is for anyone (whether you are a beginner or an Instagram veteran) who wants to have more of a presence on Instagram and make money. Whether you’re a blogger, website, store or business the techniques you’ll learn in this course will benefit you and create more success on your Instagram.

instagram for success

I also love Helene she is such a vibrant, alive and passionate, fun person that you can’t help but like her. She tells it to you straight but also really encourages you to make your Instagram account your own. She shows you how to create your own voice and style to make your account stand out from the rest and not some cookie cutter recipe that makes your account look the same as everyone else’s. Yes she gives you general tips and guidelines to get you started but they are a template that you start with and create yours from there. This I found invaluable as I don’t want to be another cookie cutter.

She’s also super helpful and responsive. If you have a question, you can email her and she’ll answer you fairly quickly. I love this about her as I hate it when I take a course and have questions but can’t find anyone to answer them. I like having the support of the community and the instructor at my fingertips.

How I Was Successful With This Course

I was in a space where I was ready to take my blog to the next level (as well as working as a VA). I was curious about Instagram and I really wanted to move the blog out of the hobby phase to a spot where I could generate an actual income. (Cause honestly I love to write and share but it takes a lot of time and work and I would love to do what I love and make a living too). I also knew this knowledge would really benefit me as a VA and could be another skill that I could add that would benefit my clients.

I was a complete newbie to Instagram. I knew absolutely nothing. I didn’t even have my own account yet, but I took the leap and signed up. And I was not disappointed.

I grew my Instagram following, found hashtags with ease and have a very good understanding of how Instagram works and how to make it work for me. I have had great success in growing my own account as well as the accounts of many of my clients. We’re getting tons of engagement and growth all around and it’s very exciting!

The other thing that’s really improved is my photos. I learned tips on how to take a better photo (without the fancy camera, just my phone) and how to edit them to make them even better. I learned the art of creating flatlays – I find those quite fun – and love playing with different layouts. It gets my creative juices flowing and now I’m always on the lookout for flatlay ‘props’ and ideas. It’s allowed me to step up my game in a way I never thought I could and to do it easily. Yes I said easily, cause honestly who wants it to be hard? I’m all about ease.

When I first heard of and started with Instagram I felt really lost understanding how it worked, but with Helene’s course she provides lots of details on how to do and find stuff, tips and tricks to make it smoother, easier, faster but still professional and creating the kind of engagement that you want. She also makes it fun, which is another reason why I love doing Instagram not only for myself but for my clients!

When you sign up, you’ll join hundreds of Instagrammers just like you, ready to grow. And you’ll find a community that will support you and help bolster your Instagram. Following her method you’ll have wonderful success and engagement and you’ll have fun doing it to. Register Now as registration is only open for 24 hours! and take your Instagram to a whole new level.

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