The Shiny Sink

kohler-kitchen-sink-2At this time of year many of us create a goal of decluttering our homes. Maybe it’s because the new year is upon us or for us in the Northern Hemisphere we have been looking at it for too long being stuck in our houses more. Either way many of us feel inspired to get moving.

But if you’re like me, feeling inspired is about as far as you get. Because then you look at it and feel overwhelmed by the prospect. Where to start, what to do or feeling like the amount of work you do seems to have very little impact or progress.

I was listening to an online webinar last week through Hay House called Start the New You Now. They had a number of speakers and videos each day that you could listen to for free. There were a number of different topics and themes but the ones that I felt drawn to were the ones about decluttering and organizing your life. And I learned some interesting things.

The thing that stuck out for me was what Dr. Christiane Northrup said in her talk ‘A Shiny New You’. She talked about this principal by the Fly Lady called the Shiny Sink. Which was basically shining one sink in her house each day.

You may think “how can this help me to declutter?” but here is the theory behind it. Clutter breeds more clutter and decluttering breeds more decluttering; so by starting with one sink in her house and shining it each night this eventually and quickly spilled over. Then she was shining 2 sinks each day, then 3, etc. She also said the sink was a symbolic thing you could pick whatever space you wanted.

IMG_2666So I decided to test this theory out. The island in my kitchen is constantly covered with papers, dishes or whatever finds its way there. It is a landing pad for stuff. This is where I wanted to focus. Each night I would make sure that the island was completely clear and nicely wiped clean before I went to bed. The first morning it felt so good to come down to the kitchen and start with a clean, clear space waiting for me. So I did it the next day and the next and now I automatically clear it at the end of the day. Not only that, I find I am clearing it during the day as well. If something makes it’s way there I use it and then it gets put away shortly after. It’s like stuff won’t ‘stick’ to it now. Which is great, I am loving it!

In the next little bit I will add another space that I want to keep clear and I can see that in the future I will have a nice clutter free home!

One of the other things that Dr. Northrup mentioned too is to not to overwhelm yourself and expect it to be all done in a day. It takes time and breaking it down into little pieces or zones helps; and to almost take your time doing it. That way you’ll have more success and it’ll stick.

She also noted that it is a good idea to declare clutter free spaces in your home and a cluttered space. We are only human after all and some of us need that little bit of disorganization 🙂

She also suggested things like cleaning 15 minutes a day and making your bed each day; again creating areas of control and success in smaller pieces.

For whatever reason her suggestions really resonated with me and are working wonders! I can’t wait to see what else happens in my home. For now, I’ve got to go and clear the island! it has a few things on it….

For further tips and tricks to declutter your home check out this blog post Declutter your Home, Declutter your Mind

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