Exploring the Divine Feminine

The Divine Feminine is an integral part of our universe and exists within everyone, regardless of gender. You do need not to be female or identify with the feminine in order to work with this energy. In fact, this energy must exist and work with the Divine Masculine energy in order to create balance and harmony in our world. Like Yin and Yang where one has a little bit of the other and one cannot exist without the other, this is the same with the divine feminine and masculine energies.

What is Divine Feminine Energy?

The Divine Feminine is a sacred universal energy. She expresses the full spectrum of all that is the feminine principle, in its highest and most sacred forms. She is Mother Earth, the feminine counterpart and equal life-giver to the Divine Masculine (who sustains her). She is the creative force that brings life into existence. She sees life as sacred and is intuitive, collaborative, graceful, nurturing, healing and has unconditional love. She opens you up to the multi-dimensional and spiritual world and has an internal radiance that is evident to all. Her energy is key to bringing our planet back to balance and harmony.

She is:

  • Sacred, sensual, healing, mysterious, accepting, empathetic
  • Balances with masculine energy creates harmony
  • Receptivity, presence, loving kindness, self love, nurturing
  • Inspiring, sacred, empowering, honored and respected, connected to Mother Earth and the Moon
  • Openness, vulnerability, humility, adaptability, curiosity
  • Opens you to multi-dimensional and sensory world
  • Connects you to intuition, creativity, introspection, patience, compassion, flexibility, gentleness, wisdom, community focused
  • Healing, grace, collaboration and unconditional love

This sacred energy is the key in connecting to your spirituality and discovering your own Divinity.

Symbols of the Divine Feminine

  • The Silvery Moon
  • Water A Cup
  • The Tree (Tree of Life)
  • A Menorah
  • An Asherah Pillar
  • A Dove (Holy Spirit)
  • The Shekinah
  • A Feather
  • A Cow
  • Crown of Horns with a Sun Disc
  • A Winged Sun Disc
  • Bees, Beehives
  • A Downward Pointing Triangle
  • The Vesica Pisces
  • Caves Waters, Springs

This feminine energy is rising now on the planet, coming to the forefront and moving back to her rightful side beside the divine masculine. She is not rising to overtake or dominate the masculine, but to equalize, simply rising up from being suppressed, buried and forgotten for all these years. She is rising to take her place as his equal, working with, respecting and honoring the energies within both divine energies.

The Divine Feminine is ever present now because we need to reconnect to the Earth and to ourselves. Healing, loving and appreciating our planet, nurturing our relationships with both the planet and us. Recognizing the beauty and magnificence within all of us, so that we can not only heal, but fully awaken and grow, shifting and transforming the energy of our world to one that truly exists without fear and is in peace and harmony with everything. It may sound woo-woo but it is the heart of where we can go as a human race.

Connecting to the Divine Feminine

So what can you do to bring the Divine Feminine forth and anchor her in your life? Rediscover and connect with her aspects and energies, embracing the qualities that have been left dormant for so long.

Be open

Be receptive

Be nurturing

Be compassionate

Be present

and practice the qualities of the Divine Feminine on a regular basis, honoring and respecting her presence within you and within the world.

Want to discover more about the Divine Feminine and how to connect with her? Join me for Honoring the Divine Feminine event on May 11th. Deeply connect and discover this sacred energy and her role in your life specific to you.

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