Grocery Shopping with Friends

Luke and Chloe love grocery shopping! (well they love shopping in general) They get very excited when I tell them that we are going grocery shopping today. They gobble up their breakfast and head to the door. They are great little shoppers. Very good at staying in the cart while I go around the store getting the groceries.

One of the first things we do when we get to the store is pick up some ‘guys’. I have found that this a great technique for keeping the kids entertained and happy while we are shopping. I have also noticed it makes a lot of other shoppers smile as they see Luke and Chloe playing with these stuffed animals, which are usually bigger than they are!

Superstore always has a large selection of stuffed animals that we go and they each get to pick out one to hold while we are in the store. Then we are done our shopping we go back to the area we picked them up and ‘put them back with their friends’ and go and pay for our groceries. It works great! They have come to know how it works so there is no crying or fussing, they give them a hug and a kiss, say bye and we’re on our way 🙂

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