Life of Leisure

Wouldn’t it be nice if our lives were always like this? Lounging around on the patio, in the sunshine, hanging out with friends, maybe taking a nap, with our biggest decision being what will my next drink be? Ice water, cooler, juice?

As mothers and parents I think that we don’t have enough of these moments in our lives. Though we love our children and enjoy them, we really do need more of these quiet enjoyable moments where we can just hang out and be. Not worry if little Johnny is cutting his sister’s hair again (yes this did happen at our house the other day), or if the children are drawing on the walls or starting fires.

It is harder to do around the home, but you can do things like go sit in the backyard for a few minutes just listening to your surroundings, sit at the kitchen table with a warm cup of coffee or other warm drink. Even a few minutes in small doses keeps us calmer, saner and ready to tackle the next ‘fire’ that comes our way.


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