The Wordless Conversation

A lot of people have commented that they like my photos, that they always turn out so nicely. I would like to think that when I take a picture that I capture something that’s going on. So it might not always be a group shot with everyone smiling and looking at the camera, though those are definitely nice too, but ones where there’s an activity or a conversation going on. Where you look at the picture and can find something to discuss or surmise just by looking at it.

This summer when we were in Oliver visiting my parents we spent many days relaxing at the lake or playing at the waterpark. Sometimes my parents would come along and hang out though both of them are not really water people. In this shot of Luke and my Mom, we were at the waterpark and my Mum had just laid down on the grass in the shade to hang and watch the kids with me. Seeing this Luke promptly walked over and laid down right beside her. It was so cute. They didn’t really have a conversation just sat there changing positions (as Luke would copy my Mum when she did) and looking at each other. Luke was quite content to just hang out with Gran; which is something that I think we can all benefit from, literally just hanging out with someone we love and care about. Where ‘being’ with them is all that we need.



One thought on “The Wordless Conversation

  1. Over the years, I’ve become more of a lover of candid, ‘in the moment’ shots. This photo here is one such shot. So sweet, and much more real and enjoyable (to me, anyway) than those set-up, Sears Portrait studio ones.

    Thanks for sharing this today!


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