Never Underestimate the Value of a Princess Dress

I have 3 kids. An older son and a set of boy girl twins. When I was pregnant with the twins I was sure it was a boy and a girl even though we did not find out until they arrived; yet when they were born I almost thought that I was going to end up with 3 boys. Which I had told my husband at the time if that was the case we were selling the house and moving out to a farm 🙂 Boys need space, they need to run and play and get dirty. Not that girls don’t, but boys do more, as I am sure that those with sons can totally relate.

We knew Baby A was the smaller of the two, so when Baby A came and it was a boy, for a fleeting moment I thought uh-oh. But within minutes out came Baby B, a girl! She had fooled us all.

And she is definitely my girly girl, with all things bling. She’s only 4 but loves dresses and sparkle, jewelry and make up and of course, pink (which to be honest I hated pink when I was younger as I felt like it was a color that was forced on me because I was a girl so I should love it! Now I do love it, but not because I am supposed to).

Chloe’s favorite thing to do now is to get up each day and put on her Cinderella dress that she recently got for her birthday. She literally hops out of bed, takes off her pyjamas and grabs her underwear and her dress and puts them on. The dress is filthy and a little stained, as she wears it everywhere. In the house, outside playing in the dirt, preschool, shopping, etc. The amazing thing I notice though is that everyone who sees her in it, smiles and usually tells her what a pretty dress she is wearing. Or would she mind if they saw her dress (as her coat was covering it).

She is constantly engaged in conversation with people of all ages and genders. They love it, she loves it and it brings joy to everyone, everywhere she goes. Yes some may argue that she is 4 and she is cute, but her 4 year old brother is standing right there and he does not get the same attention. It’s totally the dress. IMG_2798 - Version 2

This made me think the other day, while we were in the passport office and it took twice as long to process our applications because the clerk and Chloe were discussing her dress, that you should not underestimate the value of a princess dress. Yes some may argue that it is girly and it stereotypes and puts girls into a certain box. But I would argue that we should all wear a princess dress. In fact there are some days when I wish I had one. Cause let’s be honest, we feel good, we feel pretty and we love the attention. People will help us, smile at us and maybe even ask us where we go it. It would also make cleaning the house more fun, or going out or even into the garden (thought possibly messing up our dress).

Imagine yourself in a princess dress right now. How do you feel? I bet you are already starting to grin, imagining yourself spinning, feeling really good about yourself. And you haven’t even gone out yet! Now imagine going out and all the compliments and conversations you will have. The people you will meet. I bet now you feel like a million bucks and you’ve only virtually put it on! You see what I’m saying?

So yes little girls love to dress up in their pretty dresses and they get lots of attention and we let them. What I think is important though is to not forget that little girl who loves to dress up and bring her out a lot more often! We all need a princess dress and we should not forget to put it on. So dust off your shoes ladies, as Moms, friends, co-workers etc. go out into the world and shine! And if you’re in your princess dress than all the better!