It’s So Crazy Busy around Here! Let’s add another project!

Things in my life lately have been super busy. I know there is busy and that can sometimes be the rhythm of life but then there is insanely busy. So busy that you fall into bed at night having left the dishes incomplete, the toys all over the floor and the laundry thrown on the couch. All because you just cannot do one more thing.

For the past few weeks that has been my life, my house. So much on the go and then with a few wrenches thrown in it has left me spinning and becoming behind in things or just not doing them altogether. Some of you may have noticed I did not post at all here for 3 weeks.  It was one of those things I let go, I had to, other things like eating and keeping a somewhat tidy space came first (this was more for my own sanity really).

The problem is when we do things like this, like let go of the things we really love and enjoy when we get busy, things suffer all around. I actually find that if I stop and write for a bit or sit outside and read for half an hour, somehow I get it all done, plus a bit more, in the same amount of time.

Anyway I digress. I find also that in these times when I am busy and feeling like I am spinning out of control (or have no control), I look around my house and decide that something needs to change. And change right now!

This is what I did yesterday. I have been thinking for a while about redoing the kitchen cupboards in my kitchen. They are the cheap MDF cabinets with a plastic covering that have now yellowed and started to peel and chip. My neighbor has the same cabinets and had redone hers years ago by simply peeling off the plastic and then painting them. They look great.

So yesterday while I was getting ready to take the kids out to appointments, packing snacks and lunch, cleaning up from breakfast…I looked at those cupboards, stopped everything and started peeling off plastic. I enlisted the help of my oldest and then we were both peeling it off. The twins screaming with enthusiasm and delight about the ‘new cupboards’.

After our appointment we stopped at Rona and got the painting supplies cause I was starting that night! Yes I had lunch to make for school, bread, dinner, dishes, and a blog post, but the cupboards took priority. And for some reason it had to be done now! Today – all the other things were pushed to the wayside.

Did I really have time to do this? Should I have taken it on? Absolutely not, but it made me feel better. And all the frustration and excess energy I had from the past few weeks was now being poured into this project.

Is it done? No 🙂 I had to stop and make meals, clean up, sleep etc. but I will finish it throughout the week and if not I heard it is supposed to rain this long weekend (which sucks for the campers but will work great for me if I am inside painting).