New Year, New You

set new years intentionsIt’s that time of year again. The time of year when many people make New Year’s Resolutions. The sad thing is many of us do not keep them much past the first 2 weeks of the year.

I have written and read many an article on why this is, too much pressure, not being ready, or you don’t really want to do it but feel you have to join the crowds in this New Year’s Ritual.

I have not created New Year’s Resolutions for many years. But I do have a ritual that I do at this time of year to set New Years intentions and start out positively. Like many people I feel new year, time for new stuff to come into my life. Let’s leave the old stuff behind! I also feel inspired – but I don’t inundate myself with all these have to’s, resolutions or goals. I keep my ears and eyes open and participate in what calls to me. Whether it be some of the many online seminars at this time of year or decide on a task/ project of my own. For instance, right now I feel like I want information, I want to grow and expand spiritually. In fact I am craving it, so I am seeking it out avidly. And I am enjoying it. There is no specific goal or end result in mind, so no pressure. I’ll just do it until I feel satisfied and then I’ll move on.

I believe though that setting an intention for the year is a good thing, and I have done this through the ritual I mentioned above and am going to share with you here. I have done this for many years and find it to be quite effective and cleansing. It is a way of releasing and leaving the old stuff in the last year that you do not want anymore and entering the new year creating space for new things to come into your life, whatever they may be.

It is a fairly simple exercise that I do on New Year’s Eve. And this year I had the pleasure of sharing this experience with my loved ones, which I felt was a real treat.

Set Your New Year’s Intentions

set new years intentions

On New Year’s Eve, take a piece of paper and write down all the things that you want to let go of, no longer serve you, release or wish to leave behind in the old year. Write them out by hand, do not type them out.

After you have completed your list burn the paper at midnight on New Year’s Eve, with the intention of releasing it all. Holding the intention is important. We did this outside at my parents firepit, placing our papers in one at a time and saying whatever came to mind as we did so. For example “I release these items and leave them in the old year”. It was lovely. Then we stood a few minutes in silence and when we were ready went back inside.

Then take a new piece of paper and write down all the things you want to create and manifest in 2017. Be specific and write out in as much detail as possible; using present statements such as I am, I have, etc. This is very important because if you simply say I want the Universe will say that’s great you want it and that may be about all you’ll get. It is also important to understand that your new list is not necessarily the opposite of what you left in 2016, as they may be quite different. They may be a springboard for setting your new intentions but it is important that they remain separate. You do not create your new list solely based on the old one. This will create a block in your manifestation.

Once you have completed your list just tuck it away and keep it somewhere where you can look at it later on. Yes, you are literally writing it down and then pretty much forgetting about it. There will be a time when you will go back to it but for now, leave it to rest. Of course you can leave the list and add to it over the next couple of days if you think of something you wish to add.

I felt a definite shift in my energy and outlook once we completed this. I felt lighter for one and had a more positive outlook on what was to come.set new years intentions

Though this is very effective on New Year’s Eve you can certainly do this on New Year’s Day or early in the New Year if you did not have the opportunity to on New Year’s Eve.

So in the next couple of days take a piece of paper and start writing! (The first full moon of the year is January 1 & 2nd and is a Super Moon, as well as another full moon on January 31 – which is another great time for releasing and a to do this activity)

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