Welcome to my Fairy Garden

A couple of weeks ago I taught a class for children about fairies. It was a great experience and the kids loved it! We got to play outside, do sketches, learn more about fairies and how they help us and make Fairy Houses!

Making the Fairy Houses was the part that everyone enjoyed the most, including me! I even had one of the staff members from the store come in just to join us to make them. The boys worked diligently and it was neat to watch what everyone created. I had provided a variety or materials for them such as popsicle sticks, twigs, glass beads, tin foil, etc. to create whatever they wanted.

I was really excited about these Fairy Houses as I had seen some in Greengate Garden Center and thought it was a fabulous idea. They had all kinds with miniatures to add, but I found them to be expensive. Then when I was searching on the internet I found ideas to make your own and I liked how they used natural materials to make them. This was also a less expensive way to go and I could easily make more than one. So I incorporated into my class.

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to finish it in the class so I brought it home incomplete. I had intentions of getting back to it to finish it up but seemed to be unable to. Finally yesterday I sat down with the twins while they played play doh (I love that stuff) and finished making my house. I was very happy with how it turned out and immediately put it out in the garden. Now when I go by and see it it makes me smile and the kids love it too. I think we might just have to make some more…



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