Tobogganing Fun for Everyone

Tobogganing is one of the most fun and inexpensive winter activities out there. All you need is a sled, some snow, a hill and you’re off! We took Luke and Chloe for the first time this weekend and it was a blast!

A little apprehensive at first, as I was putting the sled at the top of the hill, Chloe sitting and looking down. But once we started moving and coasting down the hill, her screams of delight filled the air, with cries of “Again! Again!” when we go to the bottom of the hill.

Luke loved it to, ‘crashing’ with D’Wayne after each run. It got to the point where he was announcing they would crash before they even left the top of the hill 🙂

Even adults love this activity. I watched as other parents looked on watching their kids, itching to go themselves, and once they finally did, their entire faces lighting up with smiles and laughs. Then they went up the hill for another run. I cannot think of any adult, unless they had a traumatic experience or a fear of heights, that does not enjoy speeding down the hill. It’s that rush of speed as you fly across the snow, coasting to the bottom. You could hear my own screams of delight as we zoomed down the hill and I had no problems going again.

We had a fabulous afternoon with the twins already asking to go again. And I’ll be honest, I can’t wait to go too 🙂

IMG_0239 - Version 2


The Magic of the First Snowfall

IMG_2343The first snowfall of the season is such a magical time. I love waking up to the snowy morning, seeing the world blanketed in snow. It makes it feel like Christmas and I want to run downstairs and put on the Christmas music, regardless of the date.

Now I know for those of us who have to get up, scrape the car and venture onto the road to go to work, the first snowfall of the season may not seem like so much fun. There’s no magic in people seemingly forgetting how to navigate in the stuff (cause don’t we all have short term memories and have to relearn how to drive in it). It’s stressful, it’s slippery and you’re wondering what idiot is going to come out too soon, or too fast and cause an accident.

But I invite you to see (and remember) through the eyes of a child, what that first snowfall feels like. The excitement and wonder of the snow coming down. Itching to get out to play and enjoy it.

IMG_2341Our first snowfall this year was on a Sunday, which is a little easier on many of us. We did not have to get up and go anywhere. We took pleasure in the white stuff. I did run downstairs and turn on the Christmas music, dancing around the kitchen with the kids. Luke’s eyes glowing as I spun him around. Luke and Chloe rushed through breakfast and then scrabbled to get their coats and boots on to go outside. Happily chattering about how maybe they could make a snowman and snowballs.

IMG_2344They shoveled it, they laid in it, they wanted us to get out there with them and play in it. And we did, we got out there and helped them make the first snowman of the season, adding the traditional carrot nose and rocks for eyes. Using big sticks for hands. We threw snowballs and made paths through the snow, playing and enjoying the wintery wonderland.

Once we were tired and cold we came in to enjoy hot chocolate, one of those wonderful treats that is so loved and enjoyed on a cold snowy day after playing in the snow. The kids loved it! We loved it! and that feeling of coziness and warmth carried on with us throughout the day, as the big fluffy snowflakes continued to fall to the ground.IMG_2347

I even ventured out to do some errands in the afternoon and found the roads to be not bad at all. Yes I know not everyone is a lover of snow, and it does have its drawbacks when you have to travel, but maybe just maybe if we all looked at it through the eyes of a child, and took a moment to remember those feelings of fun, play and laughter. All the good times we had in it, that might be enough for us to drive to work feeling more at peace with the snowfall, giving that extra space to the car ahead, feeling content and happy with where we are and the feelings of joy that this wonderful white stuff can bring! I know it may sound a little hokey, but it’s true 🙂 And this morning when the kids got up they wanted to head out and play in the snow once again.IMG_2349