The Unveiling

Last week I had the pleasure of participating in and attending my sister’s wedding. It is always a fabulous time when I go see my sister in Toronto. She and many of her friends are actors so it is never boring and continually entertaining. Also my sister in general just has this larger than life energy, she is one of those people that exudes joy, laughter and fun, someone everyone wants to be around.

So things like unveiling the wedding menu (in this picture) which can be a very mundane and ordinary event, are turned into fun, exciting and extraordinary events. Leslie feeling very proud of it pulled it out to show us and asked us all to give her a fantastic reaction, which of course we did!

Unveiling the Menu with the Bride, Maid of Honour and Mother of the Bride

I think we should all take a page out of Leslie’s book and make every moment we can memorable, exciting and fun. I know there are times when this may not be possible, but imagine the excitement and joy in each day when you live like this.

Welcome to my Fairy Garden

A couple of weeks ago I taught a class for children about fairies. It was a great experience and the kids loved it! We got to play outside, do sketches, learn more about fairies and how they help us and make Fairy Houses!

Making the Fairy Houses was the part that everyone enjoyed the most, including me! I even had one of the staff members from the store come in just to join us to make them. The boys worked diligently and it was neat to watch what everyone created. I had provided a variety or materials for them such as popsicle sticks, twigs, glass beads, tin foil, etc. to create whatever they wanted.

I was really excited about these Fairy Houses as I had seen some in Greengate Garden Center and thought it was a fabulous idea. They had all kinds with miniatures to add, but I found them to be expensive. Then when I was searching on the internet I found ideas to make your own and I liked how they used natural materials to make them. This was also a less expensive way to go and I could easily make more than one. So I incorporated into my class.

Unfortunately I did not get a chance to finish it in the class so I brought it home incomplete. I had intentions of getting back to it to finish it up but seemed to be unable to. Finally yesterday I sat down with the twins while they played play doh (I love that stuff) and finished making my house. I was very happy with how it turned out and immediately put it out in the garden. Now when I go by and see it it makes me smile and the kids love it too. I think we might just have to make some more…



Lil’ Biker Dude

I grew up around motorcycles. My mother rode, my father rode and as we got older both myself and my sister rode. I have fond memories of going for rides on the back of my Dad’s bike (at the time a little Yamaha 350), the wind blowing across my face, enjoying the open air. It was a thrill and I loved it!

I know many people don’t care for motorcycles as they feel they are unsafe and that the drivers can be careless, but I really feel it depends on who the drivers are and how they respect the bike. Being around them since I was 3 provided a deep respect for a motorcycle and what it can do, as well as an ability to ride. As a result they don’t scare me, it didn’t concern me when my spouse wanted to buy one or my kids interest in motorcycles. We all took the safety courses and have been taught how to properly manage a bike. And I know that as a driver I have to be that much more attentive to who or what is going on around me, because sometimes (not all the time) it is the drivers in the cars that are being unsafe by following the bike too close or trying to pass and then cutting the motorcyclist off. Either way I think we all have a responsibility.

Gear on the bike is just as important for safety, a good helmet, gloves, leather jacket (and this is for protection not just to look cool) and boots are some of the items that not only will keep the rider safe but more comfortable and protected from the elements. These items being in our house found our little 5 year old one day dressing up for the bike. I love how he is giving the ‘mean dude’ look in his oversized everything! Now Matthew did not get his first ride on the bike until he was 6 or 7, while I have been riding since 3 (and my Dad says I am a natural on the bike as a passenger, it’s like I’m not even there); but he loves it and last year got his own helmet and jacket to enjoy the rides with Dad or Gran and Grandpa for that matter (who now own a Yamaha Virago and Harley Davidson respectfully – just a small step up from the little 350:)


Gorilla Bones

On the Easter weekend we went to the zoo. It was crazy busy as it was their Easter Eggtravaganza. I had never seen it so busy, there was a line of cars to get into the parking lot and then another line to get into the zoo. We had been to this event before but I have never seen so many people as there was that day.

It is a great event with lots of value added activities for the kids, like a blow up maze, Easter pictures and pot your own plant; as well as the usual interactive exhibits and touch tables.

Outside the gorilla enclosure there was one of the zoo staff with this skeleton of an adult gorilla. It was really neat, the kids got to touch it and check it out, do some exploring. The zoo staff explained different parts of the skeleton to them as they were at each part.

The kids really enjoyed it. I think it is of such value for children to be able to touch and feel things in their learning, which is one of the reasons I love the zoo!

Checking out the gorilla skeleton



Grocery Shopping with Friends

Luke and Chloe love grocery shopping! (well they love shopping in general) They get very excited when I tell them that we are going grocery shopping today. They gobble up their breakfast and head to the door. They are great little shoppers. Very good at staying in the cart while I go around the store getting the groceries.

One of the first things we do when we get to the store is pick up some ‘guys’. I have found that this a great technique for keeping the kids entertained and happy while we are shopping. I have also noticed it makes a lot of other shoppers smile as they see Luke and Chloe playing with these stuffed animals, which are usually bigger than they are!

Superstore always has a large selection of stuffed animals that we go and they each get to pick out one to hold while we are in the store. Then we are done our shopping we go back to the area we picked them up and ‘put them back with their friends’ and go and pay for our groceries. It works great! They have come to know how it works so there is no crying or fussing, they give them a hug and a kiss, say bye and we’re on our way 🙂

What’s the Story Here?

A couple of weeks ago I had family visiting for my 40th birthday. It was a busy weekend with a full house and lots of late night revelry. This late night photo can tell you a story or two. I love how rich it is and how you could pick out anything and create a narrative about what’s happening. So many things to talk about…

A New Look for Pyjama Pants

Matthew decided to get creative with his pyjama wear! (Wordless Wednesday)

Matthew is my effervescent, creative and active young man. He was playing around being his delightful self when he came into the kitchen like this. Arms tucked in and pants up high! I just about died laughing and my aunt thought it was so funny that we needed a picture. Oh what our children come up with!

Wordless Wednesday

I am branching out today and am participating in Wordless Wednesday, an event hosted by 5 Minutes for Mom, to help promote and connect with other bloggers. You simply put up a picture on your blog and link it to their site. Then you go and visit/ check out other people’s photos.

This is a great opportunity to check out new blogs, meet new people and expand your connections in the blogosphere! It also helps new people find your site in a fun and interesting way.

So here is my photo for this week. Share your thoughts on this photo by commenting below and be sure to go check out the other pictures as well. Enjoy and Happy Wednesday!